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How to Catch a Wave

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As one focuses on improving the stroke of their paddle they can expect to catch a larger abundance of quality waves. The power behind your paddle is not only comprised of technique but also requires muscular fitness.

If you have ever experienced shortness of breath or arm pain during the the first few minutes of a routine surfing session then this could be a sign of much needed training. However, do not feel alone in this as many surfers in the line-up deal with these same ailments on a daily basis.

In order to avoid these common annoyances one must weight and cardio train regularly. Having well trained muscles as well as lungs will not only improve one's performance when catching any range of wave but will also aid in maintaining correct posture while surfing. Do not let your age fool you, a stronger stroke can be attained no matter your shape, size, or build. Practicing on a stand up paddleboard can also aid in developing strength in your biceps, triceps, and shoulders due to its powerful endurance paddle training.

Having access to a swimming pool is ideal, as you can utilize it to train twice a week with intensive fast and short sprint circuits. As you routinely workout you will develop a faster SPS or speed per stroke. It is important to stay determined and focus on not only extending your arms but also opening up your torso to create a deeper and fuller paddling stroke. Additionally, utilizing your fingers in a decisive motion will help improve your paddle.

One may want to immediately revert to a closed cupped hand, since this is what swimming has traditionally taught us to speed up our stroke but recent studies have proved otherwise. Research has shown that a twenty to forty percent gap between each finger will result in an optimal and all around more effective stroke. However, timing is paramount. Your resting arm should not be dragging your body back as your paddling arm bends to lift the chest and excel your body forward.Instead, your resting arm should be parallel to your hip, almost touching it at the return of each and every stroke.

As you learn to perfectly align your body to your board, you will notice a swifter paddle developing. Your hard work will begin to show and your muscle memory will retain this improved stroke. Attaining perfect body to board composition will also aid in giving your ride an extra boost. As you maintain balance from a corrected pop-up movement atop your surfboard without over lifting your chest, the tail end of your board will avoid drag in the water.

A pro tip for surfing smaller waves is to utilize an extra paddle before take off for a faster drop in. Although, do not perform this when dropping in on bigger waves as you will gain too much speed and momentum for the larger drop and will barrel over.

These surf training exercises are guaranteed to bring you extraordinary results. As long as you truly want to improve your stroke, these bodybuilding workouts combined with open and closed chain exercises will be extremely useful and reliable. The next time you are challenged in a paddle battle, you will be sure to win.