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Novice Surfers Mistakes

Learning the sport of surfing can be one of the best choices you ever make. As you first set out to conquer the feat of surfing, you may face several trials and tribulations. Do not let them get you down as the thrill of wave riding make up for the embarrassment you may experience. Below you will find a list of the top five mistakes and tips for novice surfers commit as they begin to learn the sport. Hopefully, this list will not only better prepare you but also encourage you to get back out there and never give up.

5. Do Not Look Down

SurfingSolomonIslands | Do Not Look Down Mistake

The most popular mistake among novice surfers is keeping their eyes down on the board. Try not to look down as best you can! Looking down will throw off your balance. What you do need to be paying attention to is what is going on in front of you not just while you are paddling but when you are riding the wave as well.

4. Paddle Harder

SurfingSolomonIslands | Paddle Harder Mistake

Most novice surfers use the a method called burst paddling. Burst paddling is ineffective because not paddling enough will keep you from catching the perfect wave. You have to continuously paddle through the muscle burn even after you feel the tail of your surfboard life up. If you stop paddling too soon the wave will roll right under you and pass you by. Instead once your surfboard's tail lifts, paddle harder! Only stand once you feel your board's nose head down the face of the wave. This will ensure you catch the full wave and have a great a great ride.

3. Attain Proper Positioning

SurfingSolomonIslands | Proper Positioning Mistake

First things first, in order to achieve maximum paddling force your must be positioned on your board properly. If you are too far forward on the board you will nose dive and if you are too far back you will drag yourself and move too slowly. The proper positioning will change from board to board as the height and width do as well. With each choice of surfboard just try to find the 'sweet spot' where your board lays level on the water's surface. Getting used to finding the sweet spot may take some time but it will be worth it!

2. Find A Low Center Of Gravity

SurfingSolomonIslands | a Low Center Of Gravity Mistake

Unfortunately, novice surfers tend to flail their arms around in attempt to balance themselves on their boards. The only problem with this is that moving your arms around will only cause you to become further off balance. The general rule is to stay low and find gravities center by not raising your arms above shoulder level. Staying low will help you attain a stable and fluid balance. If you ever feel like you are veering off balance it is better to bend your knees instead of moving your arms.

1. Bend Your Knees

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfer with Bent Knees

The excitement of catching your first wave can have you springing up straight and tall on your board. However, locking your knees will call you to fall over almost instantly. It is key that when you pop up on your board to remember to bend your knees to help you own the wave instead of the wave owning you.

Do not forget that learning how to surf is a process. You will make a million mistakes before you conquer the sport. It is best to relax and learn from your mistakes instead of getting angry and giving up. Once you become self aware of your body's positioning and action you will excel. If you ever feel too challenged, take a surfing lesson as it will fast track you to learn the proper techniques and tips for surfing the best waves.