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Rules of Surf Traveling

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Traveling with your surfboard has many ups and downs. Below you will find a list of the eleven unwritten rules for surf traveling. These sacred rules will better equip you to ease through several different challenging situations they may arise on your travels. Do not ever forget that these minor trials and tribulations will lead you to the path of righteous waves.

11. Plans get delayed. Your flight will be late, you may get on the wrong bus, your train will not come and you will become extremely frustrated with the pointless downtime. Unfortunately, these situations are out of your control and getting angry will only worse things. Plan for delays, and when they pop up you will tolerate them with ease. A pro tip for travel delays is to always have your laptop, tablet, or ipad fully charged so that you may remain entertained during the downtime.

10. Unattented injuries ruin trips. You did not want to clean your wound or your arm was sore but you had to go out to surf a few more waves, and you told yourself you could handle it. However, your wound is now completely infected or your arm is now in so much pain that you are inhibited from surfing. As tedious as it may be to clean a wound or how boring it may be to sit out on a great set will truly benefit you in the long run. This pro tip is to keep your body healthy and in good working condition. The last wave at home is not worth bombing your entire trip to Indonesia.

9. Do not overpack. As much as you may think you need to pack an extra jacket or two, remember that you only need these items when traveling during winter or to Europe. For mainly tropical climates all you need are a few pairs of boardshorts and a couple tank tops. If you plan to go out at night bring a universal pair of pants and a great button up. A pro tip here is bring less clothing and more spending money.

8. Do not forget to protect yourself against mosquitos. Malaria continues to be an epidemic in foreign countries and you need to protect yourself. Ginger as well as garlic are two great natural remedies to help protect you from mosquitos. The garlic must be raw to reap all health benefits and the ginger must be in tea form. However, if you do not want to be rubbing yourself down with garlic or consuming ginger tea on the daily then just make sure to sweat. Your natural sweat will also ward off the buggy creatures. A pro tip here is take anti-malaria medication when heading in an area infested with malaria.

7. Bring a pen. It is always smart to have a pen handy. You may need to fill out a boarding card, write down your boat number or even get the digits of a hottie you have been talking up. Bring a pen with you at all times. Your smartphone will not always be handy especially when you will be in the water most of your days. The pro tip here is that if you are keeping your smart phone on you at all times buy a solar charger. You will most likely not be near outlets to plug into very often.

6. Girls adore tan skin and scars. When you return home from a surf adventure utilize your look to your advantage. You only have so long before your battle wounds heal and your tan fades away. Plus, if your body looks great, show off your abs. Hey, you earned the look so now reap the rewards. This pro tip is to always visit your local dermatologist after a long trip in the sun to keep your skin healthy.

5. No matter how big or small the location, surfers will always fight for the best spot in the line up. Do not ever assume that since you have traveled across the globe with surfboard and have been eying out your perfect wave, that when the locals arrive they will just let you have it. Locals will always have the arrogance that they own the water. Just remember that fights are not worth it and you could end up in jail. A pro tip here is to always remain calm and keep a first aid kit handy.

4. Never travel with more than three boards. You won't use more than three boards guaranteed. Bring a small board, a slight wider and larger board, and a big heavy duty long one. Unless, you are a World Championship Pro, you will have to lug these boards with other surf equipment around during the entire duration of your travel, so it is best to limit yourself to three. A pro tip is to always bring a small surfboard repair kit with you wherever you go.

3. Equip yourself with nylon string. Even if you think you may not need it, bring it. It is one of the hardest resources to attain when you find yourself in a predicament needing one. A nylon string is the perfect impromptu leash for your board. Not only is it extremely durable but it is also easily manipulated. Do not let a broken leash hold you back. This pro tip is to burn the ends of your nylon string when attaching it to your board so that it does not come unraveled.

2. Always equip yourself with some form of sunscreen. Sunscreen may be quite tedious to put on but skin cancer is worse. Plus, always wash it off at the end of your day. If you pile on the sunscreen day after day it could end up clogging your pores and resulting in a nasty infection. No one needs an infection on vacation. So in short, make sure to apply sunscreen every few hours and also make sure to wash it off. A pro tip is to bring baby wipes with you when traveling as it does a terrific job of removing sunscreen.

1. Check out the local restaurants. You may be surprised at the delicious local food options. These locals know what they are doing as they have made the same dish for many generations. Not only will local food be extremely tasty but it will also be extremely cheap. Plus, the locals will also love you for trying out their food and joining them for a meal. The last pro tip is to make sure to pack tums, an anti diarrhea medication as well as a anti constipation medication as trying new foods may be harsh on your stomach at times.