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Top 10 Surfing Spots

Take a look for the World's Top 10 Surfing Spots:

1. Hawaii - Hanalei, Kauai

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at Hawaii - Hanalei, Kauai

Kauai is the most rural and naturally beautiful Hawaiian island. Within Kauai, just off the North Shore, is a town known as Hanalei. Hanalei is home to a handful of surfing spots where beginners as well as veteran surfers can come and enjoy the waves. Despite the temperamental waters and unsuitable tourist areas, the island is a surf haven. Kauai is a very culturally rich island where the 'Ka Poe Hawaii' natives traditionally celebrate their polynesian roots. Respecting the local surfers is a must when visiting their surfing locations.

2. Canada - Tofino

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at Canada - Tofino

Near Vancouver Island, a Canadian Province of British Columbia, is Tofino beach. This surfing community developed in the 1960's and truly began to flourish during the 1970s. The wilderness that surrounds these breathtaking beach heavily contributed to Tofino earning the label as one of the world's top surfing locations. The water may not be the warmest but if you come equipped with a wet suit, get ready to dive in! Surfers as well as nature lovers can appreciate this beach region as it sits just outside of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

3. Morocco - Taghazout

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at Morocco - Taghazout

One would never guess that Morocco's top surfing spot is located eleven miles north of Agadir in Taghazout, a quaint fishing village. Originally, Taghazout was an extremely rural village but has grown into a melting pot of culture and an ever growing tourist focused industry. Due to Taghazout's uncrowded beaches and ideally consistent breakpoints, Surfing is the town's top tourist attractor. Not only are Taghazout warm water beaches beginner friendly, they will also please the most experienced of surfers. On a perfectly conditioned day, a veteran surfer could possibly ride a little over a mile from small village to small village. Now who wouldn't love a mile long ride? Plus, the Taghazout village offers authentic and spiritual balancing yoga classes as well as delicious traditional Moroccan cuisine restaurants.

4. Ireland - Bundoran

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at Ireland - Bundoran

Located in Donegal, Ireland's northernmost county, is Bundoran the country's surfing capital. Bundoran is known for its alluring beaches, reef breaks, and luscious greenery. Although, the water maybe quite cold (wetsuit needed) and the weather temperamental, the surf this location offers is unmatched. Just make sure to check the locations online surf forecast before heading out to hit the waves.

5. Brazil - Florianopolis

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at Brazil - Florianopoli

As Brazil's surf capital, the city of Florianópolis, offers forty two immaculate beaches. The city itself is located on one main island that is surrounded by several smaller islands. With multiple surfing locations in the palm of your hands, one will never have to worry about consistent or varying swell currents. If you dislike one beaches conditions, you can easily head to another. Florianópolis's lagoons, soft sand dunes, and luscious greenery will have you mesmerized. Not to mention, South America's famous pro surf four event, WCT is held in Florianópolis.

6. Australia - Byron Bay

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at Australia - Byron Bay

Established in the 1970s, Byron Bay is a world recognized supreme surfing location. Surfers travel from all across the globe to visit this wondrous backpacking town. The friendly locals welcome beginner and veteran surfers alike with its chill atmosphere and year round warm waters. Byron Bay's lively beaches also offer humpback whale watching during migration season from May through November.

7. France - Biarritz

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at France - Biarritz

Located along the Atlantic coast of South West France is Biarritz, a glorious surfing location. Establish in 1957, this world class seaside city is full of exhilarating surf culture that attracts thousands of surfers each and every year. Plus, the Quiksilver/Roxy Jam Tournament is held in Biarritz annually. Biarritz waters may be harsh in the winter, but the duration of the year offers warmer weather and ideal surfing conditions.

8. Japan - Shonan

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at Japan - Shonan

Although, Japan's coasts host numerous surfing locations, Shonan is regarded as Japan's top surfing spot. Shonan offers uncomparable surfing conditions paired with beach and reef breaks as well as river mouths. Shonan's surfing season is best throughout August and October as the typhoons enter the region. Typhoons bring massive waves ideal for professional surfers. And Shonan is constructed in a way where its infrastructure is built to be one of the safest areas to surf during a storm which makes it hard not to love this surfing location.

9. South Africa - Muizenberg

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at South Africa - Muizenberg

Recognized as the birthplace of South African Surfing, the suburb of Muizenberg is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Muizenberg happens to house a massive surfing community due to its gentle waters that are ideal for beginners and pros alike. South Africa has a bad reputation for freezing cold waters, sharks, and harsh waves but Muizenberg is the country's exception. This surfing community offers extremely friendly locals, tasty beachfront cafes, colorful beach huts and a hidden gem known as 'Surfer's Corner' a prime surfing location.

10. Bali - Bukit Peninsula

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surfing at Bali - Bukit Peninsula

Adorned with some of the world's most alluring coastlines, Bali has been an extremely popular surfing and tourist destination for decades. Not to mention, the richly Indonesian cultured Bukit Peninsula. This gorgeous region outlined by breathtaking limestone cliffs and beautiful beaches is visited by thousands of surfers every year. Beginners as well as veteran surfers are welcome to this location. However, Uluwatu and Padang Padang are fit for more advanced surfers as the areas waves can become massive and overpowering. The best time of year to visit the Bukit Peninsula is during its summer month of May throughout the end of September.