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Top 15 Surf Watches

Today, many manufacturers of sports goods offer a wide range of must have surf equipment. One of them is the tool that all surfers and wave riders alike should own is a surf watch. Within the last decade, the surf industry have made several strong strides in developing a technologically advanced surf action sports watch. These watches not only measure and time swells but they also forecast tide positioning for several locations across the globe.

Vestal, Casio, Electric, Nixon, Rip Curl, and Freestyle are the top manufactures for producing extremely reliable surf watches. Years of research have gone into the study of tidal movements and their predictability. Once the tidal movement probability formula was perfected, it was condensed down to fit on your wrist. Your surf watch is like a tiny surf computer shrunken down to fit into the palm of your hand. These watches compute, sunset hour, moon phases, GPS and Wifi all in one. Your surf watch will always be up to date in real time to let you know the oceans conditions, wave distance, wave height, water temperature, and wind direction as well as speed.

Casio GLX5600

This surface watch not only incorporates moon and tidal graphs but it also factors in moon age.

SurfingSolomonIslands | Rip Curl Search GPS

G-Shock Frogman GF 1000

This heavy duty solar powered watch offers computations of wind direction, barometric pressure, temperature, and altitude pressure along with a tidal graph and full moon phase reading. A close duplication of the watch is the G-Shock G-Lide GAX 100. It is equipped with a temperature.

Rip Curl Search GPS

As one of the most popular surf watches, the Search GPS can not only track the world's surfing conditions but it can also track your wave count, surfing speed, and distance during each and every one of your sessions.

The Raglan Tide

This extremely durable surface watch is one of the lightest of its kind. Equipped with a features such as tidal direction and height, as well as moon phase, date and time down to the second, the Raglan tide is a great intermediate option. Not to mention it can withstand up to one hundred meters of water.

Riffles Tide Watch

With over five hundred pre programmed tide locations, the Rifles tide Watch is perfecting for predicting where the best ride of the day will be located. Plus, the preface is extremely user friendly and it can also resist water up to one hundred meters.

Rip Curl Trestles Pro

This surf watch is jam packed with knowledge of more than six hundred wave conditions all across the globe. Not to mention it is also pre-loaded to suggest to you, your best local surf location with perfect wind speed, tidal timing, and swell size.

Trestles Oceansearch

With over two hundred worldwide preset surf locations, the Trestle Oceansearch is a great beginning surf watch. It also clearly displays tidal height, future tidal chart information up to ten years, dual time display, timer for countdowns, alarm, stopwatch, backlight, and moon phases.

SurfingSolomonIslands | Nixon the Mission Smartwatch

Nixon Mission

The Nixon Mission surf watch technology is streamlined with an application that sends notifications to your wrist of not only surf conditions but snow conditions as well.

Nixon Unit Tide

Cleverly designed this handsome surf watch will provide you will two hundred and seventy surf location forecasts up until the year 2023. It also features numerical tide representations, tidal graph, and logs of past forty eight hours of tidal conditions.

The SuperTide

Thorough a high definition display, the SuperTide surf watch features, tide rhythm, ocean swell, pre-programmed tide charts and information on over two hundred and thirty surf locations sunrise/sunset timings.

Nixon Ultratide

As one of the smartest surf watches in the world, the Nixon Ultratide features real time data of wave height, tidal information, swell/wind direction, water speed, air/water temperature, and GPS location all by a wireless bluetooth technology.

Nixon Lowdown II

The new and improved Nixon Lowdown II is back and better than ever. This surf watch is equipped with over two hundred and seventy pre-programmed surf location's tide information as well as a countdown timer, chronograph, wave counter, light and date/time.

Vestal Brig Tide & Train

This amazing surf watch includes a digitized tidal graph that will let you know the present tide height and possess information on over two hundred surf locations worldwide.

Electric ED 01 - T NATO

As an extremely user friendly surf watch, the ED 01 - T NATO features tide prediction, countdown timer, a thirty lap recall chronograph, moon phase chart, calendar, light, and alarm.

Freestyle Mariner Tide

The highly affordable Mariner Tide surf watch includes features such as, sunset/sunrise times and over one hundred and fifty pre-programmed surf location's tidal detail.